Stainless steel round stock

As a steel trading company, WIEHLSTAHL offers a comprehensive steel service and has been your reliable partner for quality steel from the Oberbergisches Land region for more than 40 years. We are the right address if you want to buy stainless steel round material, for example, and also have an extensive sawing service and excellent logistics. Companies from trade and industry appreciate our high product quality, not only when they buy steel from us. With our own fleet of vehicles and freight service providers, we ensure that our customers are supplied in a short time.

Buy stainless steel round material directly from the wholesale company

With WIEHLSTAHL you have a traditional company at your side. Since the 1970s, we have developed into a full-range supplier and offer, among other things, stainless steel round material. When it comes to the desired lengths and diameters, we convince with our great versatility. Our experienced employees are steel experts who can find a suitable solution even for unusual tasks. Your order is always preceded by a detailed consultation with our competent employees, so that we can get a comprehensive picture of your situation and make a targeted offer.

Buy stainless steel from WIEHLSTAHL: 1.4301 and 1.4305

Important steels in our extensive delivery program are 1.4301 and 1.4305. The former is the first commercially available stainless steel or chrome steel that does not rust. It belongs to the group of chrome-nickel steels, also known under the old designation V2A. Many companies turn to 1.4301 when they want to buy stainless steel, which is partly due to its good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. This also explains why this steel is the most widely used stainless steel in the world - it alone accounts for one third of total production. Its areas of application are extremely versatile. Especially when resistance to moisture, water or light acids is required, 1.4301 is the first choice. It is used, for example, to make fittings, pots and sinks, and is also frequently used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in mechanical engineering. We have this versatile steel available for you as round material, as well as 1.4305.

Buy 1.4305 as stainless steel round material

You can also obtain 1.4305 as round material from WIEHLSTAHL. The material is an austenitic chromium-nickel steel with added sulphur. This makes this grade particularly suitable for machining on automatic machines. Companies belonging to the automotive industry or mechanical engineering, for example, therefore often use 1.4305. This steel is also often used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in the construction of fittings as well as in the fields of architecture and decoration.

Buy steel at the wholesale company WIEHLSTAHL

Contact our experienced staff for competent advice. Make use of our know-how if, for example, you want to buy stainless steel round material or have further questions about our extensive product range. At WIEHLSTAHL you also benefit from short delivery times, as we can usually supply our customers directly from our stocks. After all, we have developed into an excellently sorted full-range supplier in the steel sector since 1977. Send us your enquiry! You will receive your offer from us as soon as possible.

Lieferprogramm Kurzübersicht

  • Blankstahl in St- und C- Güten, Automatenrundstahl, geschliffen h8/h6, Kolbenstangen hartverchromt, Keilstahl, Flach-, Vierkant-, Rund-, Sechskant-, Winkelstahl: 1.0037, 1.0570, 1.0503, 1.0715, 1.0718
  • Silberstahl, VA-legiert, gezogen bzw. geschliffen, poliert, in Handelslängen von ca. 2m: 115CrV3, 1.2210
    Walz- und Schmiedestahl St37-2, St52-3, St50, C35, St60, C45, C60, 1.0570, 1.0503, 1.1730. 1.1740
  • Edelbaustahl / Einsatzstahl 16MnCr5, 21MnCr5, 1.2162, 1.6587, 1.7131
  • Legierter Werkzeugstahl für Warmarbeit und für den Kunststoff-Formenbau, gewalzt bzw. geschmiedet: 1.2709, 1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2738
  • Legierter Werkzeugstahl für Kaltarbeit, gewalzt bzw. geschmiedet: 1.2379, 1.2436, 1.2550, 1.2714, 1.2767, 1.2842, 1.4122
  • Vergütungsstahl: 1.7225
  • Nitrierstahl: 1.8519, 1.8550
  • rostfreier Stahl: 1.4301, 1.4305
  • Federstahl FG, Federbandstahl gehärtet / ungehärtet, in Stäben und im Ring
  • geschliffener Präzisionsflachstahl, DIN 59350, in Serienlängen von 500mm oder 1.000mm, mit oder ohne Bearbeitungsaufmaß: 1.1730, 1.2085, 1.2162, 1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2343, 1.2363, 1.2379, 1.2436, 1.2767, 1.2842
  • vorgeschliffener Werkzeugstahl, in Serienlängen von 1030mm: 1.0570, 1.1730, 1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2363, 1.2379, 1.2436, 1.2842
  • Fertigung von Präzisionsflachstahl mit Sondermaßen nach Kundenwunsch innerhalb weniger Tage (je nach Güte Breite bis 1050mm, Länge bis 2100mm)