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Our company has been acting as a reliable steel trader for over 45 years and reliably supplies customers from various sectors such as trade, tool and machine construction as well as the automotive industry with steel in numerous grades. Our consistently high quality, short delivery times and absolute adherence to delivery dates are the decisive factors that set us apart from the competition. Stainless steel makes up an important part of our product range. Whatever the intended use, you can turn to us with confidence if you want to buy stainless steel.

Buying stainless steel at WIEHLSTAHL - our assortment

We offer all customers who buy stainless steel from us a selection of different materials, for example in the form of round steel. These include, for example, 1.4301, the most commonly used stainless steel. It is approved for temperatures up to 600 °C. This grade is also one of the few materials that is suitable for applications at particularly low temperatures - right down to absolute zero. 1.4305, on the other hand, is a free-cutting steel alloyed with sulphur for better machinability. However, this is accompanied by reduced corrosion resistance. Our range of stainless steels is rounded off by 1.4122, a material that is not only resistant to rust but also to acids.

Passive layer and other properties of stainless steel

Stainless steel is a group of steel grades characterised by their resistance to corrosion and acid. Such steel has a high chromium content of more than 10.5%, which causes a passive layer of chromium oxide to form on the surface of the material with a protective and sealing function. In some cases, this layer is also used to colour the steel after a special treatment. To achieve even better corrosion resistance or more favourable mechanical properties, other alloying components such as nickel, molybdenum or manganese can be used.

Buy steel from certified wholesalers

Increasingly high demands are being placed on modern materials. When you buy steel from WIEHLSTAHL Handels GmbH & Co. KG, you are choosing a company that has been certified according to DIN ISO without interruption since 2003 and are thus playing it safe. With this certification, we provide proof that our quality management system is designed in accordance with the requirements of the applicable standard. In March 2018, we adapted this system to the new DIN ISO 9001:2015 standard through re-certification - it thus remains valid until March 2024. Our company also changed certification companies and was successfully certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Request a quote now and buy stainless steel

Contact our competent team now to buy stainless steel specifically. Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you, not only on stainless steel, but all around our entire range of products and services as a certified steel trade. As a rule, we can supply you from our large stock, so that you can benefit from short delivery times at WIEHLSTAHL. Send us your enquiry right away and convince yourself of our expertise. We will get back to you promptly with a concrete offer. Simply use our online contact form or call us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Lieferprogramm Kurzübersicht

  • Blankstahl in St- und C- Güten, Automatenrundstahl, geschliffen h8/h6, Kolbenstangen hartverchromt, Keilstahl, Flach-, Vierkant-, Rund-, Sechskant-, Winkelstahl: 1.0037, 1.0570, 1.0503, 1.0715, 1.0718
  • Silberstahl, VA-legiert, gezogen bzw. geschliffen, poliert, in Handelslängen von ca. 2m: 115CrV3, 1.2210
    Walz- und Schmiedestahl St37-2, St52-3, St50, C35, St60, C45, C60, 1.0570, 1.0503, 1.1730. 1.1740
  • Edelbaustahl / Einsatzstahl 16MnCr5, 21MnCr5, 1.2162, 1.6587, 1.7131
  • Legierter Werkzeugstahl für Warmarbeit und für den Kunststoff-Formenbau, gewalzt bzw. geschmiedet: 1.2709, 1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2738
  • Legierter Werkzeugstahl für Kaltarbeit, gewalzt bzw. geschmiedet: 1.2379, 1.2436, 1.2550, 1.2714, 1.2767, 1.2842, 1.4122
  • Vergütungsstahl: 1.7225
  • Nitrierstahl: 1.8519, 1.8550
  • rostfreier Stahl: 1.4301, 1.4305
  • Federstahl FG, Federbandstahl gehärtet / ungehärtet, in Stäben und im Ring
  • geschliffener Präzisionsflachstahl, DIN 59350, in Serienlängen von 500mm oder 1.000mm, mit oder ohne Bearbeitungsaufmaß: 1.1730, 1.2085, 1.2162, 1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2343, 1.2363, 1.2379, 1.2436, 1.2767, 1.2842
  • vorgeschliffener Werkzeugstahl, in Serienlängen von 1030mm: 1.0570, 1.1730, 1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2363, 1.2379, 1.2436, 1.2842
  • Fertigung von Präzisionsflachstahl mit Sondermaßen nach Kundenwunsch innerhalb weniger Tage (je nach Güte Breite bis 1050mm, Länge bis 2100mm)